lota’s box

Lota’s box is founded in 2018 to promote values of democracy, active citizenship and equality. We have 20+ members and 4 volunteers working on the projects, bringing us their fields of expertise: entrepreneurs, marketing experts, doctors, physiotherapists, students, pupils, athletes. They come form different parts of Croatia and different social and ethnical backgrounds. Lota’s box is member of ECAS (European Active Citizen Service), DYPALL (Developing Youth Participation at Local Level) and Anna Lindh Foundation: therefore we have access to their global networks in private and public sector.

With ECAS we promote Forum of European Citizens’ Initiative as a partner in Croatia. Our members related to sport pass educations, follow and participate in European projects related to sport.

We support sport on grassroot level organizing sport activities and workshops in our organization · Support gender equality in sports though local workshops and Erasmus+ virtual exchange Gender Equality in Sports (consortium: Croatia, Turkey and Spain) · Using youthwork and non formal learning in work with young athletes · Support of European Week of Sport with local events · Participating in Erasmus+ youth projects related to sport · Work on prevention and healing of sport injuries We are active in youth work by promoting young people and youth workers mobility, volunteering, diversity, equality, tolerance, involvement, participation, engagement and empowerment and by helping these to gain additional knowledge, attitudes, transversal competences and skills.

Active in a field of development of Erasmus+ virtual exchanges, we promote Soliya’s Connect program among youth in Croatia. We developed a pilot proposal for Erasmus+ virtual exchange “Gender Equality in Sports” We participate as partner in four Erasmus+ projects- youth exchanges and mobility of youth workers. In order to support lifelong learning and active citizenship we are looking for free spaces where teenagers can learn together

We support sustainable development by participation in trainings for capacity building of schools about sustainable development We supported with our events Open days of NGOs, European Sustainable Development Week and Media Literacy Days. We support education of our members in formal and informal learning, active citizenship and support for democracy.


MOVE to Be You raises the social capital and wellbeing by using and promoting sport, physical activity and movement as a tool for a more self-aware and conscious society. We organize international and cross continental (Europe-Asia) projects and trainings in NFE sector for youth and adults. In our projects projects we use Education Through Sport based methodologies for self- and community development, skills enhancement, mindfulness, leadership, stress reduction, inclusion to support the creation of a mentally and physically healthy and active inclusive society. Our methods are Non-formal education, experiential learning or/and nature based and are developed by professional trainers and educators working in youth and adult education field. We share knowledge and create supportive environment with different coaching techniques like NLP, lifestyle coaching and more. MOVE to Be You’s motto and philosophy is: “Entwicklung in jede Richtung” means “Development in every direction.”

Our EXPERIENCE relevant to this application: We are committed to create positive social, change, to enhance cultural openness and to strengthen international and cross-continental relations. We organize programs, camps, retreats and projects where people learn to be conscious about self-development and self-awareness, social inclusion. We emphasize the importance of co-operation to create synergies through the promotion and usage of movement, sport and physical educational activities for a healthy body and mind. Therefore our projects are in line with reflecting above mentality and direction be it in our local collaborations in events and programs in Austria or at our international E+ partnerships. In our first year, 2019 we have already developed good connection and network based on shared interests with local organizations such as Generation Europa, SCI Austria, WeUnite Austria, Opt.2.0., New Start. We have carried out projects using sport as an educational tool like Education Through Sport methodology that characterizes our active and movement based projects. The grassroot sports for reflection and self empowerment used by our trainers are: AcroYoga, Yoga, Contact Improvisation, Body work, Performing art elements, Dance. Additionally for self-development and leadership projects we have NLP coaches and lifestyle coaches experienced in psychology, movement medicine and more. With the great variety of skillset and background our team have implemented projects and programs with local youth, national groups and international partners too. In 2019 several Training Courses (see below) were managed by our team and trainers and around 50 people were sent as participants to partner countries.


ACD La Hoya is Spanish Cultural and Sport association is based on the principles of cooperation, integration, environment protection, solidarity, humanity and universal human values and promotes an environment in which the community will be able to create, think, realize their ideas and build positions and reactions on important issues. Develop activities in the rural community as art, sport and culture, also dedicated to the successful implementation and participation of European projects to bring the youth and senior Europe closer. The main aim is to give the youth and community possibilities to spend their time (Sport, arts, workshops, Culture, Europe), to support bottom up initiatives of the community, improve social work and facilitate the integration of young and adult people into society especially those of rural areas by involving them in our work, and encouraging their creative spirit that helps increasing youth and adult participation in both local community and society in general.

The organization is composed with 8 people in the working team and 25 volunteers (Youngsters and Seniors) in our organization working and helping in the activities that we do during the year, we give opportunities for around 1000 people. The organization is actively cooperating with local government, partner NGOs, high school and school with different project, campaigns and activities as well as international youth organizations worldwide.

Our target group are kids from 4 years old till adults, we are supporting the integration of people from rural areas, few opportunities and from disadvantage situations, to give a better opportunity to get a positive and varied personal development. We are looking as well to increase the youth participation in the international events, which could make them open to a multitude of life styles, cultures, point of views, and get them within a spirit of creativity. We are divide in 4 areas: SPORT, ART, YOUTH, EUROPEAN PROJECTS

SPORT AREA: The organization have a Sport Club (CDC LA HOYA) that born in 1995 with the objectives to promote a renewed “culture of sport” based on true sport values (respect, fair play); promote sport as a vehicle for personal, social and cultural growth, social cohesion and inclusion supporting cross-border understanding through sport, promoting sport as a bearer of cultural identity, encouraging the broadest possible participation in sports for the community, to use sport as integration of youngster with few opportunities and from disadvantage situations and areas. We have 6 football teams, kids from 4 till 11 year old, we have around 120 kids that are involve in the football club with 9 coaches and 15 volunteers helping the coaches during the year. We realize different tournaments in La Hoya, football 11, football 5, Volleyball and Padel with cooperation with the high school and municipality, also we cooperate – StressLess – Education Through Sport for stress management and mindfulness Page 6 of 42 during the year in different sport activities in the village as Race and tournaments. We offer courses of Personal defense, ninjitsu course, capoeira, yoga, pilates, gymnastic for adults. We offer to young and adult people outdoor activities (orientation, Nordic walk, climbing, CrossFit, inline skating etc) and we always try to get new sport for the community that they learn something new. We offer inline skate training for kids as well for adults, Additional to the trainings the groups are realizing routes and events during the weekends We have 2 big events, International Paper Airplane competition and Family Orientation Competition, to promote new sports and outdoor activities in the community. We have a group of mountains walk and healthy walks, the healthy walks take place twice a week and the mountains walks once a month. We have E-games club were 40-50 youngster have the opportunity to play in local level in different tournaments of LoL, Fortnite, etc. We promote the inclusion and gender equality using the sport as a tool and we realize different campaign in the school and high school during the year.

EXPERIENCE: The experience of the team of the ACD La Hoya covers the expertise in the field of culture and art, street events, short movies and documentary making. In terms of the international partnership ACD La Hoya works already 17 years in the European educational project what means valuable experience of project management, management of the partnership and communication. Such a practice brings the added value to organization of the meetings and events of diverse scale. The language knowledge and ability to use different languages support the strength of the ACD La Hoya as a partner and contribute to the smooth and efficient partnership were the mutual communication and understanding is the most important element. We have music club in the organization for this reason we have different trainer expert in music that help kids to understand the language of the music, the importance and to practice some instrument that they like.


Budapest Association for International Sports (BAIS) is a volunteer based, youth-lednon-profit organization with the mission of promoting physical activity, active lifestyle, intercultural understanding, tolerance and participation through non-formal education. From 2015 to 2017, due to the lengthy legal registration procedure, we developed our activities as an informal group of young people under the name of International Sport Association of Budapest (ISAB). On 18 December 2017 we were registered as a non-for-profit association by the court of Budapest. The primary goal of our organization is to promote physical activity, healthy lifestyle and participation in grassroots sport activities among young people regardless of their origin and social status.

Our target group includes international and Hungarian students, young professionals and young people in general.Through the organization of sport/recreational activities, youth exchanges and training courses we aim to create opportunities for young people and to strenghten mutual understanding and friendship among them. The secondary goal of the organization is to connect local sport clubs and grassroot initiatives with internationals living in Budapest and to provide information about sport related events taking place in the city. BAIS is based on young volunteers. Our volunteers are united in being active, sporty and open minded personalities. All of our volunteers speak foreign languages and they have international experience behind their backs. Many of them are students of the Hungarian University of Physical Education, while others are young professionals involved in leisure time sport activities.

EXPERIENCE: Budapest Association for International Sports was created by young people having significant international experience behind their backs. Our organisation has strong international relations and we have significant experience in international project management. We utilize sport for social development purposes, we promote social inclusion, solidarity, mutual understanding and active citizenhsip through sport. Our volunteer members have participated in various youth and sport related training courses, seminars, study visits and youth exchanges all over Europe. Some of our members have been actively involved in the organisation of international youth exchanges and training courses during which they developed their project management competences. At the time of our operation as informal group of young people we sent young people to participate in international youth exchanges and training courses funded by Erasmus+. Besides being sending organisation for a number of Erasmus+ youth projects, we developed and implemented projects in 2016, 2017,2018 and 2019: – United Against Physical Inactivity (UNAPI) – Young Europeans for Active and Healthy Habits (YEAHH) – You(th) Be Active – Sport for Social Development (SSD) – Sport for Inclusion (SPIN) – Understanding through Sport (UTS)


Sailing Club Horn Kraków is the leading sailing organisation in the south of Poland and one of the best and most versatile clubs in the country. Our pupils are at the forefront of club competitions and championship events in Poland and abroad. The quality of our work and our infrastructure has been repeatedly appreciated by local authorities and sailing associations, both Polish and international, because of that we were entrusted with organising the local, national and European events and championships. In addition to sports training, we also deal with recreational and integration sailing and activities.

The basis of our activity is teaching sailing for children and youth. Our best champions grow out of them. However, not everyone decides to participate in the competitions. Sailing is to be above all pleasure and give joy. We maintain this passion in young people, at the same time developing in them responsible behavior, independence, strength of –tolerance and respect for others and the environment. we promote sailing as a way of live. Adults can also start and continue sailing with us. We offer training and specialist courses. We assume that the sailing bug can be swallowed at any age, hence we run, among others activities for seniors. We are also open to cooperation with handicapped people (on mutually agreed terms). Sailing is also a great sport to combat social exclusion. Together with the SpoczkoSport Foundation, we organize day camps for children aged 7-13 – addressed primarily to those without any previous contact with sailing or those who did not have too much of it. The activity of the Sailing Club lasts all year round. We offer participants permanent classes, sailing training, day camps, winter camps and sailing groups in the country and abroad. The growing interest in this beautiful sport motivates us to create further proposals and interesting development opportunities for our pupils.

We participate in and run lot of social projects and rise awareness in people through water sports. We are grateful for all the awards and words of recognition we have received from many state institutions, companies and sailing agencies. However, the greatest recognition for us is the passion we see every day in the eyes of our pupils. We are glad that the first students of our sailing school are bringing their children to us now. It is the best confirmation for us of the quality of our business and its impact on people’s lives. Our mission Sailing is health and a way of life – it accompanies every activity carried out in our club. We place particular emphasis on education through sailing and becoming independent through sailing for children and young people. We carry out this mission every day, adding to it all the joy we have in sailing, just because we love sailing and see the good it brings. Infrastructure: Hotel, Restaurant, Meeting/training rooms, harbour, boats hangars, picnic and barbecue facilities, sauna.

EXPERIENCE: Daily Sailing Club activities are based on running different boat sections and participating and organizing regattas on a local, national and international level. Optimist section (children 6 – 15 years old) Open Skiff (9 – 17)Laser 4.7 and Radial (13 – 19) Senior sailing program – Horn Kraków runs Center of Seniors Activity where seniors can participate in special activities (language and IT classes, cooking, art and crafts, and Yoga, Tai Chi) and of course sailing training. Our Seniors are very active group, they make movies, organize trips and actively participate in cultural events in Cracow and Poland. Innovative programs like use of Virtual Reality in sailing training, mindfulness and yoga in sport training, use of Tai Chi to improve sailors concentration skills, so far at the initial stages of implementation. The Sailing Club is constantly looking for new innovative ideas and projects to improve and innovate the sailing training and expand its collaborations and new alliances. “Sailing Together” Family sailing program – integration programs for families. Sailing programs for schools and youth organizations. “Sailing for all” – Migrants integration and inclusion programs, promoting social inclusion and integration through water sports. Summer camps for children (6 – 13 years old) promoting inclusion, counteracting social separation, uniting children through fiscal activity and ecology awareness and education. Ecology workshops in the Club and at Schools finance by City of Cracow. Small collaboration projects with other NGOs from Cracow, in the subjects of health, – StressLess – Education Through Sport for stress management and mindfulness Page 9 of 42 physical education and activity, water sorts, ecology, social inclusion, live with.