NO1 transnational meeting: 4-6.02.2021. HUNGARY Kick off Project will start with first 1st Transnational project meeting in Hungary. Prior to this meeting and on this meeting several practical points will be elaborated and arranged. The meeting will allow all the partners to know each other, to discuss about the project design and its timeline, to agree about the planning project, to clarify the distribution of responsibilities, to plan and to take the main decisions about the future activities. Moreover, in order to set the grounds of this 18 months cooperation, the partners will discuss and sign the formal agreement of partnership. It will be also the opportunity to present, share and approve the Management Plan, visibility plan, the Evaluation Plan and the Dissemination Plan.

NO2 transnational meeting: •4.-7.11.2021. CROATIA 2 days for the educational Video Human Library creations of the project. 1 project manager, 1 sport expert, 1 ETS educator of consortium members (3/country) will be sent to Croatia where they will record the sport and physical activity based stress management and mindfulness practices. These have been researched, selected and developed during the research phase in the beginning of the project.

NO3 transnational meeting: 4-6.05.2022. POLAND The 3th Transnational Meeting will allow all the partners to develop a joint reflexion on the overall evaluation of the project thanks to the different tools previously described, whose results will be listed in a specific Final Evaluation Report that the partners will start to produce during the meeting. This Close-out Meeting, which is also directly connected to the Dissemination Phase, will be a 2 days Meeting.